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Steven & Virginie's DVDs

Jazz Series Volume 2: Gitup Offa that Thang!
Movement Series Vol. 2: Spin & Turn Technique with Virginie -- 2-DVD Set

After eight years of working together (and in response to many requests from their students), Steven and Virginie have begun to release DVD's on lindy hop, swing walk, blues, movement and styling. Because they wanted something different from standard instructional videos, these DVD's were filmed in a workshop setting. The goal was to provide a more interactive experience with more give-and-take between instructors and students, allowing for more spontaneity in the demonstrations by Steven and Virginie and by workshop participants.

These DVD's were filmed live ... not in a studio. You'll find all the spontaneity and excitement of a live event. We hope that you will enjoy them.


Questions? Email dvds@stevenandvirginie.com

Our Thanks for generously accommodating our filming during all or part of their events.
Rochester Swing Dance Network 2005 Workshop organizers (Esther Brill and Richard Newman)
San Diego 2005 Workshop organizers (Joel & Alison Plys and Melissa Varriano)
Philadelphia Workshop 2006 organizers (Greg Avakian and David Jacoby)
Cheap Thrills 2006 Workshop organizers (Heidi Fite and Charlie Fuller)
Swing Out New Hampshire 2006 organizer (Mark Kapner)