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About Steven 1990

President Clinton PBS Special - In Performance At The White House
Gotta Dance Special - AMC
American Movie Classics
Roseanne Show - ABC
Roseanne Show Featured with Doctor Ruth & Roseanne - ABC
Morning Show Minneapolis - NBC
Radio Show All Things Considered Guest of Dale Connelly & Jim Edd Cool
TV Show - Oslo, Norway

The Force Jazz Company - Noiremontie, France
Big Apple Lindy Hoppers - New York
Savoy Swing Club - Seattle, Washington
Basies Bunch - Sweden
San Francisco Swing Group - San Francisco
Shout'n Feel It - Sweden
Baltimore Swing Group - Baltimore
Landaloons Lindy Hoppers - Minnesota
Boston Swing Group - Boston Massachusets
Modern Jazz Ballet Company - Geneve, Switzerland

PBDA Swing Camp Catalina - Catalina Island, Los Angeles
Berkley - California
Herrang Dance Camp - Sweden
Swedish Swing Society, AutumnCamp - Sweden Steven & Anna
Oslo Swing Camp - Norway
Norwegian Ballet Academy - Norway
Duke Ellington School Of Performing Arts - Washington DC
Australian Tour - Sydney
Swing Tuit - Brisbane
Swing Tuit - Melbourne
Singapore - Singapore
Beantown Swing Camp - Boston
Swing Out Northwest - Seattle
Columbo Dance Factory - Zurich, Switzerland
Brigitte Mattuzzi Dance School - Geneva, Switzerland
Tanz Etage - Frankfurt, Germany
Detroit - Michigan
Swing Out Chicago - Chicago
Arizona Swing Society - Pheonix
Toulouse - France
Ithaca - New York
San Francisco Swing Camp - California
Toronto - Canada
Dallas - Texas
UH Dance Club - Hawaii
UH Dance Club - Maui
UH Dance Club - Hawaii
Sandra Cameron - New York
San Diego - California
Rochester - New York
Boogie Baren - Munich, Germany
Argentina - Buenos Aires