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About Steven 1980

Steven Mitchell started his dancecareer by studying Jazz, Ballet, Modern, Ballroom and Hip Hop in both Los Angeles and New York. He started Lindy Hoppin / Swing Dancing 1978/1979 together with his partner Erin Stevens. They worked with Al Minns in New York 1982, and brought Frankie Manning out of retirement in 1986 by working together with him.

Disneyland with the Count Basie Orchestra - 1984
Disneyland with Cab Calloway - 1984
US Open Swing Dance Championships Los Angeles - 1983/1984
Star Dust Ballroon in Hollywood with the Bob Kean Orchestra 1985
Stardust Ballroom with the Tex Bennikey Orchestra 1985
Hollywood Paladium with the Les Brown Big Band 1986
Myrons Ballroom LA with the Harry James Orchestra 1986 Steven & Erin
The Cat Club New York with the Harlem Blues Band 1986
The Soho Jazz Festival London England - Tour with the Jiving Lindy Hoppers 1987

US Latin Formation Dance Team Competition - Bremen, Germany
Jiving Lindy Hoppers - London, England
Stuttgart Ballet Company - Stuttgart, Germany
Modern Jazz Ballet Company - Geneve, Switzerland
The Jazzets - Freiberg, Germany
Modern Company - Paris, France

Jiving Lindy Hoppers - London, England
Pasadena Ballroom Dance Association - Pasadena, California
Jonathan & Sylvia - Santa Barbara, California
New York Swing Society - New York
New York City Dance School - Stuttgart, Germany
Paris Center - Paris, France
Dance Center - MonteCarlo, France
Vienna Dance School - Austria
Columbo Dance Center - Zurich, Switzerland